The right rules for shampooing hair

The right rules for shampooing hair

Shampoo should be done regularly to keep the hair short or big clean. Hair will not be clean if you wet your hair and apply shampoo on it and remove the foam. Properly shampooed to keep hair clean and at the same time keep hair looking good.

What to do

  1. First of all you have to understand the hair type and choose shampoo and conditioner. Choose shampoo and conditioner to make sure your hair is dry, oily or mixed.
  • Scrub your hair before shampooing.
  • Then the whole hair should be well soaked with water.
  • Mix a little water with shampoo in a bowl to reduce its density so that it can easily reach the hair follicles.
  • Gently massage the scalp with fingers for 15 minutes. It will circulate blood, which will strengthen the hair follicles. Apart from that, hair dirt will also come up in this way.
  • During the massage, you have to foam your hair with a little water from time to time.
  • Now wash your hair well.
  • Then you have to shampoo in the second phase. This time no more massage. Because, as a result of massage, a kind of oil called sebum is released from the roots of the hair, if it is there, there is no benefit in shampooing. So you have to shampoo your hair twice.
  • After washing the foam with water, it is time to use conditioner. Apply conditioner on the hair and leave it for a while and then wash it off. Wrap your hair in a thick towel and squeeze the water first. Then blow dry the hair in the air of a hair dryer or fan that let out cold air.

I will not do that

  1. Many people apply oil to their hair before shampooing, even if it is not a problem, it cannot be applied to dirty hair.
  • Shampoo cannot be given directly without wetting the hair.
  • Trying to clean the dirt by rubbing hard is not the right method.
  • Conditioner should be used only at the beginning, not at the beginning. Its job is to soften the hair. If you apply it at the beginning, the roots of the hair will become soft.
  • Hair should not be wiped off with a towel after washing.
  • It is not advisable to wipe the hair with a towel to dry the water.
  • Wet hair should not be combed.

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