How can I improve my healthy teeth and gums?

healthy teeth
How can I improve my healthy teeth and gums?

How can I improve my healthy teeth and gums?

I don’t know if anyone has told me to laugh, brother; don’t look at how much laughter I can tell. Unknowingly, I remembered the poems of my childhood. However, our teeth are playing an important role in this laughter. Whose teeth are beautiful, his smile is also beautiful. Moreover, with the help of these teeth, we eat food every day. So for beautiful and strong teeth want proper dental care. It is really important to develop healthy habits in proper dental care. Let’s know some tips for healthy teeth

1. Brush your teeth regularly for healthy teeth and gums

Brush your teeth well at least twice a day and take two minutes each time. Brush in such a way that your brush reaches all sides of the teeth and also touches your tongue. The first two minutes when brushing your teeth, brush your teeth using just water with a dry brush. It will not contain any toothpaste. Make sure that the biofilm (yellowish plaque) attached to your teeth under the gums is clean. Take a little time to bend and remove the brush easily below the GUM line, as it is most important to clean. Toothpaste can be applied after these two minutes. You will get the benefit of fluoride in it; you will be able to remove stains. Your teeth will become whiter.

Brushing your teeth during the day can reduce the risk of plaque bypasses and toxic headaches. So if you can, brush your teeth once after lunch. You can ask your dentist to find out clearly about your healthy teeth.

When we sleep at night, our face does not protect saliva like during the day. So it is better to brush your teeth once before going to bed at night. This will allow you to be safe and secure until the morning.

02. Use floss and tongue scraper on teeth daily for healthy teeth and gums

After eating any food, it sticks to your teeth (such as meat, corn, caramel, peanuts, butter, etc.). So use Floss on your teeth daily. Using Floss you can also clean the other side of your teeth where your toothbrush cannot reach.

An important part of hygiene is the tongue scraper. Use it to get rid of bad breath and tongue plaque. You can also clean your tongue using your toothbrush.

03. Use mouthwash to healthy teeth and gums

Find a good fluoride mouthwash with your dentist. Fluoride mouthwash helps to strengthen teeth. It is good to teach children between the ages of 8 and 12 to use mouthwash. However, before use, take a look at the instructions on the bottle.

04. Choose your foods wisely ways to maintain oral hygiene

Avoid snack foods. This is because constant snacking can create plaque in your teeth, which gradually increases the risk of cavities or small cavities. Avoid sugary and sticky foods. Sugar builds up bacteria in our mouths, causing tooth decay. So drink plenty of water or drink immediately after eating such food. Remember that fruit juices are high in acid and natural sugars. So drink minimal fruit juice. You can drink fruit juice only at meal time or when a lot of food is eaten. Try to chew less seafood and hard bones. Because it can create cracks in the molars of your strong teeth.

05. Go to the dentist for healthy teeth tips

Go to your dentist at least every six months and tell your dentist right away if you have any dental problems. Have your teeth cleaned by a professional registered dental hygienist once a year? Always check for any cavities or gum symptoms. You can consult your dentist and dental hygienist about the correct rules for using brushes and floss.

Something to do with proper dental care to keep your teeth healthy and strong

1. Change your toothbrush every three months for good teeth.

2. Try to drink milk every day, it increases your calcium. Calcium helps strengthen bones and teeth.

3. The toothbrush should be such that it can be easily bent towards the gum line. Brush your teeth inside, outside, above and below the GUM line in a small circular motion. Make it a habit to drink soft drinks and keep sugary foods away from your teeth.

4. Too hard a brush can bleed into your gums and too soft a brush cannot remove plaque. So use a medium-type brush to take care of your teeth.

5. When brushing the inside of your front teeth, first place the toothbrush on the right side of your teeth. Then brush each tooth by moving the brush down and up. Do this procedure several times for each tooth.

. Use mouthwash after brushing your teeth to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

. Be sure to brush your tongue, as well as the upper palate of your mouth to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Bacteria are a part of us, it can’t be avoided. Millions of bacteria grow in everyone’s mouth, which has no purpose. It places itself around the surface of the teeth and invisibly erodes our teeth, creating “plaque” in our teeth. It happens very automatically and quickly. You can feel this feeling when you wake up in the morning and run your tongue over your teeth. So take care of your teeth in the right way without neglect. Do these things with proper dental care, hopefully, your teeth will stay healthy.

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