Ten Ways to Lighten and Highlight Hair Naturally

Highlight Hair
Ten Ways to Lighten and Highlight Hair Naturally

Definition of Hair Highlights:

Hair Highlighting / Lolling is changing a person’s hair color, using lighteners or hair color to increase the level or shine of the hair strands. Highlights can be any color, as long as it is a lighter layer than the surrounding hair

Types of Hair Highlights

There are many types of hair highlight that’s given bellow:

  • Babylights. Babylights is a fantastic color technique for giving your locks a lighter look without entirely changing your hair color.
  • Balayage Highlights.
  • Flamboyage Highlights.
  • Sombré Highlights.
  • Chunky Highlights.
  • Frosted Highlights.
  • Ribbon Highlights.
  • Red Highlights
  • Black and White Highlights.

Learn how to lighten hair naturally (and add highlights naturally) at home. Natural hair lighters save money and keep hair healthy!

Last year I wrote an article on how to dye hair naturally with herbal hair sitting at home. Also, my sister Karin, who often dyes her hair, recently asked if I could do natural highlights. So I just went to work on several interesting and easy options for how to lighten hair.

How to Lighten Hair Naturally: And Add Highlights

1. Lemon use Highlight Hair

First, lemon juice, mixed half in diluted water, will lighten dark blonde or light brown hair and will not leave reddish tones if your hair is not already. In fact, it is for some reason the most used natural hair lighter.

2. Vinegar use Highlight Hair

So vinegar, like raw apple cider vinegar, will leave a reddish highlight in the same hair color. To start, mix apple cider vinegar 50/50 with distilled water. Next, apply with a cotton ball or brush to lighten all your hair or for the strands of the hand lights. All until the end, leave for 30 minutes, rinse and dry as usual.

In fact, out of all these options, I have used this natural hair lighter the most. Because my hair naturally has a red color and I am trying to keep it looking natural.

3. Peroxide for Highlight Hair

Start with a half-hydrogen peroxide mixture with water. Next, apply as instructed above and test after 15-20 minutes. Note that peroxide will lighten quickly without the thought of drying out like commercial hair bleach. Until the end, wash your hair well once you reach the shade of your choice. In fact, peroxide is another popular method for those who want to know how to lighten hair!

4. Chamomile for Highlight Hair

My grandmother used to swear by chamomile to lighten dark hair. First make a strong cup of chamomile tea and let it cool. Next, apply to individual strands of hair for highlights or to the whole head for all colors. Until the end, leave in the sun and let it dry, about 30 minutes. Finish with washing and styling as usual. (Find dried organic chamomile here))

5. Henna use for Highlight Hair

In most cases, the henna will only be dark, but on very dark brown or black hair, the henna may be light and leave a reddish highlight. Use about 3 tablespoons of henna powder in one cup of boiling water. Let it sit for 12 hours or overnight. Then apply on your hair and sit for 2-3 hours. You usually wash as well and style. (Find henna dye here))

6. Honey and olive oil

I’m not sure about the exact mechanics of how it works, but it does create great fine highlights and soft hair. Add 6 cups hot honey and 1 cup olive oil. Stir well to combine. Apply to your hair where you want highlights and leave on for 30-60 minutes. About 5 minutes before you wash it off, use it in all your hair, focusing on the edges. Rinse well. If you are using the shower to wash, be very careful because the oil can create a very slippery surface.

7. Cinnamon

Take half a cup of your usual conditioner and add enough cinnamon powder to make a thick paste. Apply it on your hair and leave on for 3-4 hours or overnight. The more you leave it, the richer the color. In the morning (or at the end of 2-3 hours), wash exactly as you like style it will soften your hair and leave it beautiful and silky. Bonus: Cinnamon contains antioxidants and natural sunscreen that will protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays.

8. Honey and vinegar use for Highlight Hair

If you are learning how to lighten hair, why not get the benefits of both honey and vinegar at the same time? Use 2 cups raw apple cider vinegar 1 cup honey. Add one tablespoon of warm coconut oil and mix well together. Apply to your hair, wrap in an old towel, and leave on overnight shampoo out in the morning.

9. Rebarb for hair Highlight

This is another old favorite of my grandmother. He told me to cut the ped cup rubber cup 2 cups water. Boil them together and spread the juice. (You can add some sweets and spread a nice toast with what’s left!) Then after the juice has cooled, apply it to your hair and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse well. Rubber contains pectin and will leave your hair sticky for too long.

10. Baking soda for Highlight Hair

Just make a paste with mild hot water and baking soda to lighten the hair. First take a cup and add enough hot water to make a medium paste. I say this because if it is too thin it will not cover well and if it is too thick it will dry quickly and will not work in any way. Now apply the paste and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Check it out to see what your hair looks like. If you are happy, wash it off. If you want it lighter, leave it a little longer.

How to make Black and White Highlights hair at home

Boil the roots and leaves of the sesame tree and wash the hair to make the hair white and black. Another option is to buy easily available black sesame oil. Boil it, and when it returns to a temperature that is warm but not hot, massage it gently across your hair to prevent premature spreading.

How to make Highlight Hair for boy’s hair at home

Let’s start here: Dyeing boys’ hair is not strange. In fact, more people have dyed their hair than you might think – and we’re not just talking about obvious things like Zion owners or bad bunnies. If you want to color your hair, we fully support you. The first step in any successful dyeing work is to understand what you want to color your hair. If you’re going for a platinum bleach job or a candy-colored neon hue, this is a completely different process (more on that later). But most men who dye their hair want a more natural look – either to make their hair look brighter or to show off their gray hair in disguise.

“It’s almost like trying to hit bullshit with a dart,” said racist George Papanicolaus. “If you’re too light it will look orange, but if you’re too dark it will look really ink and harsh.” It is recommended not to go darker than your natural color or two shades lighter than a shade lighter. One more “sound” lift is needed to remove the natural color from the hair to lighten the hair. Since hair color is not customizable at home, lighter colors will have more ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that can leave your hair with orange or brass tones.

Another thing to consider up front is how long you want it to last. You can assume that all hair colors are permanent, but there are actually different layers. The permanent color will fade but never wash off. For a complete change or to keep all the gray hair on your head completely covered, the best semi-permanent and demi permanent dye will finally wash off. Demi-permanent hair color will last you about six to eight weeks and will fade slowly with each shampoo. Semi-permanent colors can only accumulate color (which means you can only get darker) and wash off faster than demi-permanent. Semi- and demi-permanent pigments are ideal for camouflage, but not completely covering, gray hair and, according to Nathan, great for beginners who die sitting at home because it will eventually fade.

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